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Survey the World

Leica AP20 AutoPole

Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner

Leica TS16 Robotic Total Station

The Leica AP20 Autopole allows you to easily overcome on-site obstacles by adjusting the height and tilting the pole to reach a hidden point, quickly re-establish line of sight and relock to your robotic total station, even when multiple surveyors are working simultaneously.

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The Leica RTC360 can capture scans, including enriching High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery, in less than two minutes.  It also automatically record your moves from station to station to pre-register your scans in the field without manual intervention.

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The Leica TS16 Robotic Total Station is a self-learning, automated total station for the widest variety of measurement tasks and applications: including one-person or two-person instrument operation for surveying and stakeout. 

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Leica BLK Series

Leica BLK360

Leica BLK2GO


A supercharged next-gen imaging laser scanner, the BLK360 captures a full scan with spherical images in only twenty seconds—over five times faster than the BLK360 G1.

And VIS technology automatically combines your scans to speed up your workflow and help you make sure your datasets are complete.

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The BLK2GO is a handheld imaging laser scanner that creates a 3D digital twin while you walk through a space. It is the fastest and easiest way to scan a large building, structure or environment.  One button is all you need to control the BLK2GO. Turn it on, walk, and the BLK2GO takes millions of accurate measurements to recreate the space around you in 3D.

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BLK2FLY is the world’s first fully integrated LiDAR UAV. It is an autonomous flying laser scanner with advanced obstacle avoidance for easy reality capture from the air.  Scan inaccessible areas like rooftops, facades, and large building interiors.

Leica BLK2FLY Demo: Wednesday May 29th  10:00am – 2:00pm  Portland, OR   More information.

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The logo for Leica MS60 Nova MultiStation.

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Leica DISTO™ Laser Distance Meters

The Original Laser Distance Meter
The Leica Disto lineup just got better. Introducing the Leica Disto™ D5 and X6, X6 P2P package and enhanced DISTO™ Plan app.
Measure outdoors in bright ambient light.  Create 2D and 3D plans.  New Slim design.  Coming Soon!

The Leica DISTO™ X series combines innovative measuring technology with an extremely robust and site-proof design. The sensitive measuring elements are protected by solid rubber components.

This makes the Leica DISTO™ X series particularly robust. Drop tests from a height of up to 2 m are proof of this. In addition, the housing and keypad are specially sealed against water and dust. Cleaning under running water is therefore no problem. This concept guarantees reliable measurements even under the toughest construction site conditions.

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Wide Format Plotter Paper

HP PageWide Plotter Paper

Canon Plotter Paper

Dietzgen Plotter Paper

Optimize your high-production printing with the economical, trouble-free performance of HP 20-lb Bond with ColorPRO Technology for HP PageWide XL printers.

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Genuine Canon plotter paper helps bring prints to life.  See high yields, outstanding output, great reliability and a beautiful end product.

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Dietzgen wide format plotter paper is a prove paper for good toner and ink adhesion, print quality, line acuity and image clarity across multiple print technologies.

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Specialty Products

KukerRanken 572S 2x Hand Levels

KukerRanken Giant Plumb Bobs  48oz and 64oz

Kuker-Ranken Hand Levels are hand-finished for smooth and accurate operation with etched glass prisms and precision ground lenses. There are no exposed screws to cause adjustment failure. When taken apart for cleaning, they can be completely assembled and adjusted in the field. The interiors are non-glare.  Fitted leather case with belt loop included.  Made in the USA.

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Genuine Kuker-Ranken Giant Plumb Bobs. These are beautiful brass giant plumb bobs. They are extremely durable and carefully casted for the best balance possible.  Your choice of a 48oz or 64oz plumb bob based on your needs.  Caps and points are replaceable, sold separately.  Made in the USA.

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It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.  1 Use your smartphone with the PIX4Dcatch mobile app to capture the asset. Add an RTK device to it, to improve your accuracy.  2 Upload your images automatically to PIX4Dcloud for seamless processing.  3 Export to CAD, BIM or GIS


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Survey the Land, Sea and Air

A man in an orange vest is holding a tablet in the forest.

DT Research Rugged Tablets

DT Research offers a wide selection of products based on usable configurations and platforms. We've proven these tablets to be the perfect solution for any tough environment.

A group of boats in the water.

Hydrographic Survey Solutions

Seafloor Systems offers a complete suite of survey solutions for Hydrographers. Seafloor USV's are lightweight, easy to use and above all provide useable deliverables for you and your team.

The Seafloor TriDrone™ G2 USV logo on a white background.

MicroDrones Equipment and Software

Microdrones: Drone LiDAR and photogrammetry surveying equipment and software. Safely and accurately collect useable data for surveying, mapping and GIS.