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MicroDrone mdLiDAR1000HR

The MicroDrone mdLiDAR1000HR : HR means high resolution pointclouds and increased coverage is made easier and more accessible than eve.

DT Research

The DT301Y Rugged Tablet features the integration of a high brightness 10.1" capacitive touch screen and high performance, energy-efficient Intel® Core™ i processor

Hydrone-RCV Portable

The HyDrone-RCV is a hand-portable, remotely controlled catamaran platform developed for bathymetric survey applications.


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  • Presco Arctic Extreme Temperature Flagging Tape

    $3.25 Select options
  • KR Rainier Vest – Class 2 – Lime Green

    $225.00 Select options
  • Presco Texas Roll Flagging

    $2.75$2.80 Select options
  • Galvanized Stake Tacks -1 lb Box

    $14.68 Select options
  • Yellow “Caution” Barricade Tape 3″ x 100′

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  • Yellow “Caution” Barricade Tape 3″ x 100′

    $13.48 Add to cart

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