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Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric Enterprise Bundle 102001241


EVO II DUAL Radiometric Enterprise Bundle 


Equipped with an 8K sensor for high resolution and a FLIR Boson radiometric sensor for thermal imaging up to 640×512, the Dual R is built to deliver incredible detail in any environment—night or day

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Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL Radiometric Enterprise Bundle

Save Time & Resources with an Upgraded Airframe & Modular Accessories.

Autel Robotics

The average human inspection is one panel per minute.  The Autel EVO II Enterprise Dual R, however, can inspect more than 4000 PV panels per hour.  The resulting cost reductions and safety improvements for solar inspectors are staggering.

Equipped with a high-resolution thermal camera, the Dual can quickly pinpoint failed or failing panels through hot spots on its display.  This provides repair crews with a precise location, saving time that might otherwise be spent searching for a faulty cell, panel or string.

Built on the back of our popular EVO II, the Enterprise series introduces some exciting new features to the airframe to improve mission performance and versatility.  The introduction of carbon fiber arms, larger motors, and specially designed larger propellers mean:


42 Min Flight Time | 5.5 mi HD Transmission | 256-bit AES Encryption

4x Lossless Zoom / 16x Digital Zoom | ADS-B Receiving | Modular Accessories

FLIR Boson 640×512 30Hz Camera | Optional RTK Module | Mission Planning


For Solar Inspection:

  • Compatible with FLIR Tools© Mobile, enabling users to easily generate reports to streamline their workflow.
  • 8K RGB camera for detailed imaging and documentation for mapping, asset inspection and visual synchronization.
  • Autonomous, grid-capable for rapid, accurate inspection capture and mapping
  • Airborne in under 40 seconds
  • Stream HD live video to stakeholders with Smart Controller
  • Weather and dust resistant for rugged environments
  • Compatible with all software evaluation applications
  • Smart Controller is fully visible under daylight conditions at 2000 Nits.

Mission Ready with Autel Explorer

The Autel Explorer app can store weekly or monthly missions for comparison, failure evaluation and deterioration studies.

Enterprise Accessories

Spotlight Beams a powerful, short range illumination light at 11 lumens for night operations. Adjust the angle of your spotlight for optimal low-light shots and nighttime searches.
Strobe Indicates the location of the aircraft at night or day to prevent air traffic accidents. A necessary requirement for dusk and night flying. Provides visibility of up to 3 miles in the air per FAA regulations.
Loudspeaker Efective one-way communication at a distance of up to 1000 ft. Twice the range of the competition. Achieve more eective on-site communication through long-distance telephony, audio loops, and live broadcasts. create prerecorded messages for easy playback.
RTK (Sold Separately) Get centimeter-accurate positioning data and reduce electromagnetic interference for more accurate aircraft positioning.

Enterprise Smart Controller

Autel Smart Controller
Autel Smart Controller’s built-in display is twice as bright as the next leading competitor and 4
times brighter than a conventional cell phone screen. The 7.9-inch QHD display offers anti-glare coatings and provides clear visibility under direct sunlight

In the Box

  • 1x Aircraft (Including Battery, Gimbal Cover)
  • 2x Spare Battery
  • 1x 7.9″ Smart Controller
  • 1x 110V Battery Charger
  • 1x Smart Controller Charger
  • 1x Smart Controller Charging Cable
  • 1x Speaker
  • 1x Search Light
  • 1x Strobe
  • 1x Chest Strap
  • 1x Attachment Port Cover
  • 1x Spare Propellers (Pair)
  • 1x EVO II Hard Rugged Case
  • Packing List Quick Guide, Disclaimer & Safety Instructions, Battery Safe Use Guide

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