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Leica Disto E7500i Laser Distance Meter


With 14 measurement modes, Smart Horizontal, Bluetooth, IP65 rating, drop tested at 2 meters, and a range of 660’ (200m), the E7500i is a DISTO that’s truly built for professional measuring tasks on large, active job sites that require a high-performance LDM.

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The E7500i is first full-size DISTO in the lineup, with a big color LCD screen, a digital pointfinder camera, greater range, and more advanced measurement functions. Like the Job Site DISTOs, it also has IP65 and 2-meter drop ratings.

This makes the E7500i the ideal DISTO for people who need more advanced measurement functions on active job sites, and a good choice for real estate appraisers, insurance adjusters, or anyone who needs to send measurements directly into compatible apps or software.

  • 660ft Range
  • 14 Measurement modes

Rugged yet elegant. 
The E7500i may not look quite as rugged as the X-series DISTOs, but it’s just as tough—yes, you can wash it off under running water. It’s also an elegant device with a high-resolution color display and a few more buttons to quickly access certain features, like the pointfinder camera.

More than the eye can see. 
The E7500i laser module can read a target at distances that exceed your ability to see the laser point. With the pointfinder camera that has a 4x zoom digital camera, you can find your target in the display crosshairs, which extends the useable range to the 660’ (200m) maximum for certified accuracy. For greater stability at that range, we recommend using the E7500i with a tripod and our Fine Tune Adapter.


In The Box

• Leica DISTO E7500i
• Carrying pouch
• 2x AA batteries
• Hand loop
• Quickstart guide
• Warranty card, Safety Manual, Calibration Certificate Silver

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5.6 × 2.28 × 1.14 in


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