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Genuine KukerRanken 572S Hand Level Case & Parts


Genuine KukerRanken Hand Level Case & Parts

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Genuine KR 572S Hand Level Case & Parts

Genuine KukerRanken hand level case and parts.  These are the exact parts used in our original 572S hand level.  5 to 7 inch, 2 Power, stadia hand level with a sharp field of view and stadia ratio of 1:32.  Each part is hand checked to make sure you’re getting a superior product to ensure your hand level is giving you the proper reading.


The object cap assembly and eye cap assembly may be unscrewed and lensed wiped with a non-abrasive cloth or tissue.  Proudly made in the USA.

Part Number Description.

1 Eyepiece Cap
2A Draw Tube
3A Main Tube
4 Plug Screw
5 Level Vial*
6 Half Lens Ret Cap
7 Half Lens
8A Prism Insert
9A Prism
10 Prism Block
11 Prism Block Screw
12 Prism Retainer
13 Plunger Pin
14 Plunger Spring
15A Adjusting Screw
15B Adjusting Screw Spring
16 Lens Ret. Ring
17A Object Lens
18 Object Lens Cap
19 Eyepiece Lens
20 Set Screw21 Half Lens Holder
22 Eyepiece Lens Ret.
23A KR 572S Hand Level Case

*The KR5 Level Vial is difficult to replace.  We recommend sending your hand level in to us to have it professionally installed.  Additionally, our technicians will clean and adjust your hand level.  There is a $40 service fee + shipping and taxes if any.

Additional information

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Part Number

KR1 Eyepiece Cap, KR2A Draw Tube, KR3A Main Tube, KR4 Plug Screw, KR5 Level Vial, KR6 Half Lens Ret Cap, KR7 Half Lens, KR8A Prism Insert, KR9A Prism, KR10 Prism Block, KR11 Prism Block Screw, KR12 Prism Retainer, KR13 Plunger Pin, KR14 Plunger Spring, KR15A Adjusting Screw, KR15B Adjusting Screw Spring, KR16 Lens Ret. Ring, KR17A Object Lens, KR18 Object Lens Cap, KR19 Eyepiece Lens, KR20 Set Screw, KR21 Half Lens Holder, KR22 Eyepiece Lens Ret., KR23A 572S Hand Level Case


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