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Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL 640 Standard Rugged Bundle 600002011


Set up the EVO II Dual to meet your specific requirements. The payload is interchangeable, and an open SDK allows you to program custom applications and other features.

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Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL 640 Standard Rugged Bundle 600002011

Combining high-end visible and invisible imaging, the EVO II Dual 8K Thermal Imaging Drone Bundle from Autel Robotics gives you an aerial video and still image solution for a variety of professions. Using the FLIR Boson sensor, the EVO II Dual can record thermal videos at 640 x 512 resolution at a smooth 30 Hz from up to 146′ away. It’s an ideal feature for industrial inspection, such as on power lines or solar panel arrays, as well as for law enforcement and firefighters in emergency situations.

If needed, the thermal image can be integrated into a standard video via picture-in-picture mode for easier tracking of a subject or structure’s location. However, regular RGB video from the EVO II Dual is anything but standard. The drone is capable of filming in resolutions up to 8K, as well as up to 4K with HDR, for professional results. High-resolution still images can be pulled from the 8K footage, or you can capture 48MP images directly with the EVO II Dual’s sensor. If the drone can’t get close enough to get the shot, its equipped with 1-8x (up to 4x lossless) digital zoom to get in close from a distance.

Autel Enterprise has made an announcement that the EVO II Dual system now qualifies for “Made in USA” status. This is great for government and public safety agencies looking for an sUAS platform that is certified for use in their departments.

Quick Details

  • FLIR Boson Sensor for Thermal Imaging
  • Thermal Video at 30 Hz up to 146′ Away
  • Capture RGB Video at up to 8K
  • No Geo-Fencing
  • 48MP Still Image Capture
  • 360° Obstacle Avoidance
  • Up to 38 Minutes of Flight Time
  • 5.5 Wireless Transmission Range
  • Level 8 Wind Resistance
  • Up to 45 mph Flight Speed
  • Made in the USA

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