KukerRanken Training

Brady Reich teaching Pix4D for Construction
We are able to train large or small groups

KukerRanken offers training in Hardware, Software, and application-specific best practices. KR believes an informed customer is more productive. In addition to our 24/7 support phone/text lines, we offer training for individuals or groups, ensuring cost-effective, optimal workflows for any survey or AEC (Archetectural, Engineering, Construction) organization. 
KukerRanken is dedicated to customer service, and without understanding equipment, software, workflows, and best practices, our customers may not be working at optimal efficiency.

Training may take place on-site, online, or at one of our KukerRanken store locations.  Software-based training is typically provided on-line, while we remain flexible and are able to visit company offices, jobsites, or local locations. Our Mountlake Terrace store offers multi-desk classrooms, projector, large screen televisions, and a broad assortment of equipment and specialists to ensure an effective, efficient, and ensured understanding of equipment, related software/hardware/workflows for our customers.


A group of people standing in front of a small drone.
We are an authorized Microdrones trainer for both LiDAR flight and post-processing, as well as their Mapper Photogrammetry product.


  • Robotic Total Stations
  • Data Collectors
  • GPS systems
  • High Definition Scanning
  • DTResearch (RTK/LiDAR tablet
  • Emlid products for UAS


  • Part 107 certification
    • Online
    • In-person
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Flight Training
  • Automated Flight Instruction
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Best-Practices
  • Program Stand-Up


  • Leica Infinity
  • iCON
  • 3DR/Cyclone



  • Mission Planning
  • Pix4D
    • Mapper
    • Survey
    • Matic
  • AirData
  • Autel Explorer
  • Evidence Recorder

KukerRanken is partnered with Sundance Media Group for UAS and Risk Mitigation training. 

We have training available at all stores, with specialty/focused training at our Mountlake Terrace, WA, and Las Vegas, NV locations