Leica Reality Cloud Studio

Digital Reality. Connected.

Reality Cloud Studio is a powerful cloud application for reality capture data visualization, collaboration, and storage. It is the source for automated digital reality in the cloud.

Reality Drive


Cloud Studio

Collaboration Space

Upload your reality.  

A secure, centralized storage location.  Upload your HDS data from any device with a web browser, or direct from Leica BLK sensors.

Automate your reality.

Auto-registration technologies combines your scans for you with the push of a button.  Create a mesh with the press of a button – powerful technology, simply automated.

Share your reality.

Include measurements, annotations and attachments.  Export your finalized data as any standard reality capture data type. 

Share data and invite others to collaborate in the cloud.  Create a public browser link to share your reality capture visualizations with anyone.

Complete end-to-end cloud workflow.

Field to Cloud

Reality Cloud Studio is optimized for a complete end-to-end hardware to software workflow for compatible Leica BLK sensors.

In BLK Live Apps or in Cyclone FIELD 360, simply press the “Upload” button and your dataset will automatically upload, ready for auto-registration, auto-mesh, and vivid visualization.



Desktop to Cloud

Drag-and-drop. Process data through Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS and upload to Reality Cloud Studio in multiple standard formats.

Cloud to Desktop

Reality Cloud Studio offers a round-trip workflow from the cloud into desktop

software for streaming point clouds to Cyclone 3DR for analysis.

Cloud to Deliverable

Export data from Reality Cloud Studio in standard formats. Import data into your deliverable creation desktop software of choice.

Unlock the power of Reality Cloud Studio.