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Seafloor HydroCat-180™

Applications: Inspection / survey of lakes, harbors, large rivers, rough nearshore environments, water quality research, tidal zone

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Seafloor HydroCat-180™

The HydroCat-180™ is Seafloors largest USV to date, and is capable of transiting from inshore to nearshore environments whilst carrying high-resolution payloads. The HydroCat-180™ has an 18-ft (5.5 m) catamaran-style design with individually articulated hulls, a self-stabilizing deck, and dual-actuated electric motors. The vessel also contains a retractable sonar mount, SVP winch, and is capable of conducting fully-autonomous hydrographic surveys in rougher waters. Similar to other models, the onboard AutoNav™ enables for autonomous data collection for more consistent survey results.



Applications: Inspection / survey of lakes, harbors, large rivers, rough nearshore environments, water quality research, tidal zones.


    • Top Speed: 6.9 kn
    • Hull Length: 5.5 m / 18 ft
    • Overall Width: 2.5 m / 8 ft
    • Hull Material: UV Resistant HDPE
    • Height: 3 m / 9 ft
    • Frame: Aluminum
    • Empty Hull Weight: 590 kg / 1300 lbs
    • Payload: 317.5 kg / 700 lbs
    • Power: 12-24 VDC
    • Communications: Wifi

• Battery Endurance: 8 hours +
• Motor: 2 x Electric Torqueedo™ 4 kW ~ 10 HP
• Remote Control: RCU 2.4GHz
• Remote Range: Up to 2 km
• GPS: Compatible with All Brands – Customer Specified
• Available Sonar Modules: Single or dual-head ultra high resolution multibeam sonar, ADCP, Side Scan, Sub-bottom Profiler, Magnometer
• Available Auxiliary Equipment: Sound Velocimeter,
• Velocity Profiler or CTD, Wi-Fi Remote Desktop, 180° HD Video Camera,
Remote Controlled Profiling Winch, LiDAR

In the box

  • Seafloor Systems HydroCat-180 Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), 6m catamaran vessel with two modular independently articulated ruggedized HDPE plastic hulls.
  • 2-axis mechanically Gimballed Deck for roll compensation – Ventilated IP67 watertight Equipment Bay with racks
  • Equipment Mast
  • Remote controlled electric actuating pole with locking piston
  • SmartCast remote controlled profiling winch
  • 2 x 10HP Torqueedo electric outboards with actuators
  • Separate Thruster and Payload Batteries
  • Single Charge point for onboard batteries – 8-hour operational duration at 5- 6knot survey speed
  • Remote control and AutoNav autonomous package
  • Industrial PC – Wi-Fi and 4G data communication – Navigation Aids, Light – HD Camera, 180degree view.


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Weight 225 lbs


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