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Leica AP20 AutoPole Kit

Increase productivity and efficiency with Tilt Compensation, which removes the need to level the pole.  Easily overcome on-site obstacles by adjusting the height and tilting the pole to reach a hidden point.  The Leica AP20 AutoPole is truly a game changer.

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Leica AP20 AutoPole Kit

Unique smart system that boosts on-site productivity.

The Leica AP20 AutoPole is a unique and productivity-boosting smart system for our robotic total stations, removing the last analogue steps in your digital survey workflow. The easy-to-use AP20 AutoPole saves time spent on-site and reduces cumbersome post-processing corrections in the office with three powerful smart features that will transform the way you work.

The conditions on your worksites are dynamic and variable, and the AP20 AutoPole makes it easier to navigate challenges by allowing measurements with a tilted pole, providing automatic height readings and enabling target search and locking. Easily overcome on-site obstacles by adjusting the height and tilting the pole to reach a hidden point, quickly re-establish line of sight and relock to your robotic total station, even when multiple surveyors are working simultaneously – all with the confidence that your measurements have been accurately recorded.

With the AP20 AutoPole, you can continue and complete your tasks with fewer mistakes, high reliability and higher productivity, minimising rework and delays.

KR challenged local surveyors to a Topographical Survey Course at this years ISPLS and UCLS Conventions.

The challenge was to measure 25 points on a simulated course of a building, a road and a monument, using the Leica AP20 AutoPole and the Leica TS16 Total Station.

The rules were simple, measure the course as fast as possible while maintaining an accuracy of 0.05’ (or, 5 hundredths of a foot) or less.  Attendees stepped up and did an amazing job.

It got competitive to the point where teams were formed, meaning one teammate would locate a point while the other teammate would store the selection.

When all was said and done, a team from Idaho narrowly beat Utah’s record of 27 seconds with a new course record of 26.25 seconds.

Bryan Worthen out of KR’s Salt Lake City location says, “This was a fun way to show the speed and flexibility of the equipment while also demonstrating the precision.”

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• Enables measurement with a tilted pole
• Automatic height reading, ensuring accuracy, and avoiding human error
• Auto target search and lock, saving time while auto-re-establishing line of sight and relock

Leica AP20 Tilt Compensation

Tilt Compensation

Increase productivity and efficiency with Tilt Compensation, which removes the need to level the pole. Measure and layout more points per day, conveniently and comfortably, while maintaining high job standards with control and clarity over the point quality. The Tilt Compensation feature allows point measurements with an arbitrary aligned pole, and therefore increases flexibility and productivity in the field to enable even upside-down and nearby hidden point measurements.

Pole Height

Save time and eliminate mistakes from both manual height reading and manual input into the field software, which are often wrong or even totally missed. PoleHeight functionality will update the height for you automatically as the pole height changes to ensure reliable and accurate measurements. This removes the need to read, check and enter height changes, and eliminates time consuming post-processing effort to fix incorrectly entered or forgotten target heights. Less time spent for adjustment, more time to work!

Leica AP20 PoleHeight

Target ID

Be unstoppable using the Leica AP20 AutoPole with the TargetID feature! Automatic target search, identification and lock on your target prevents locking to foreign targets and avoids work interruptions that can occur on a busy site. TargetID enables the total station or MultiStation to identify your target on the fly during search. This prevents locking onto other targets, especially important when there are several surveyors working simultaneously at busy locations, increasing your operative time on the pole.

In the box

  • 1x 922838 AutoPole AP20 – Height + Tilt + ID
  • 2x 898414 GEB321 Battery
  • 1x 913902 GLS51F Telescopic Pole, ft
  • 1x 922840 RH18 Radio Handle
  • 1x 879372 1.5m USB 3.1 Type A to C Cable 3A
A Leica AP20 AutoPole Kit with a red light on it.

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