Drones use for Survey, Construction, Inspection, and Public Safety are all “commercial flight” activities.  The Federal Aviation Administration requires a Pilot Certificate for any commercial flight operation with a UAS/Drone. 

As a total solutions provider, KukerRanken provides training for the FAA Part 107 certificate requirements, with a special focus on how these rules apply to the channels we serve. Our attendees are successful in taking the FAA Part 107 test, and its recurrency requirements (every 24 months). 

Our classes are provided over Zoom/Video streaming, with a live proctor. 

Each attendee receives a training guide, the FAA Airmens Knowledge Testing Supplement, and other documents from our training program, providing the best pathways to a successful Part 107 test result. 

Online Part 107 training

Our courses are held over two days (typically a Thursday/Friday) beginning at 8 a.m. PST and finishing at 4p.m.